Balenciaga’s new ad campaign features Kim Kardashian defying gravity by walking on water

The Balenciaga brand has found a loyal and famous supporter in Kim Kardashian, who also happens to be the face of their latest fall campaign, seen gracefully walking on water. However, there seems to be some fussiness going on with her Balenciussys.

In a recent photoshoot, the famous personality from the “Kardashians” series looks absolutely stunning in a sizzling electric blue “swimsuit gown” worth $3,550. She complements her outfit with a black “Hourglass” bag worth $2,700 and chic shades. The cutout back of the dress perfectly showcases her famous curves while lightning strikes in the distance, adding to the overall allure of the picture. This bathing suit-inspired style is a perfect choice for the Skims Swim creator, complete with built-in gloves that resemble the “swim gloves” she has been promoting all summer.

Retailer Moda Operandi is promoting a fashion style that includes the signature “Pantaleggings” of a popular celebrity. The brand encourages shoppers to complete the look by adding the favored style of the star. The celebrity in question, Kardashian, shared campaign photos on Instagram that show the Balenciaga brand name over her well-known derriere. The post was made on Wednesday and reached her 329 million followers.

“Hey, they’ve only shown the best part!” joked friend Jonathan “Foodgod” Cheban in the comments section. Although lightning doesn’t usually strike twice, Kim Kardashian wore the same tight dress she donned at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in March for a new campaign by Balenciaga. In another photo from the same campaign, she stands strong in the snow, wearing a black-and-yellow floral dress.”

Kardashian has been a fan of Balenciaga for quite some time now. She has been seen wearing various outfits from the brand, including a unique caution-tape catsuit and an all-black ensemble that concealed her identity. In fact, she even participated in the fashion house’s couture show during Paris Fashion Week in July. It’s worth noting that Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West, introduced her to Balenciaga’s Creative Director Demna. And it appears that their mutual love for the brand has been passed down to their daughters, who were recently photographed carrying expensive Balenciaga bags.

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