“Basking in Sunshine: Scarlett Johansson Shines in Pastel Perfection as she Frolics with her Pup on The Hamptons’ Beach”

Scarlett Johansson looked absolutely angelic as she soaked up the sun at the beach in The Hamptons with her adored Chihuahua by her side. The 35-year-old star rocked a pretty pastel sundress that showed off her fit physique and completed her look with trendy black RayBan shades. She couldn’t help but strike a fun superhero pose as she frolicked with her furry friend on the sandy shore on that beautiful day.

Angelic: Scarlett Johansson looked undeniably angelic as she frolicked on the beach with her beloved Chihuahua on Friday afternoon in The Hamptons

Scarlett Johansson was spotted looking like a vision of pure bliss as she soaked up the sun at the beach in The Hamptons alongside her cherished Chihuahua. With her signature blonde locks pulled back into a carefree bun, she kept her makeup light and natural for the occasion. Her choice of attire gracefully displayed all of her intricate tattoos, from the elegant rose design on her back to the delicate ink on her ankle and the vivid colors of her forearm piece. To add a touch of glamour, the talented actress accessorized with dainty gold chains around her neck, stylish hoops in her ears, and a silver wrist cuff embellished with a striking turquoise gem that complemented her one-of-a-kind pedicure.

Nice and simple: The 35-year-old Academy Award nominee slipped her toned frame into a light pink sundress and sported a pair of black RayBan sunglasses over her eyes

The 35-year-old Hollywood actress, famous for her Academy Award recognition, rocked a laid-back and chic appearance in a light pink sundress that perfectly showed off her fit physique. Completing her look with a pair of trendy black RayBan sunglasses, she shielded her eyes from the bright sun in style.

Natural beauty: Scarlett's famous blonde tresses were tied back into a low bun and she appeared to be wearing little to no makeup for her solo outing

Scarlett flaunted her innate beauty by wearing her trademark blonde hair in a relaxed bun, radiating effortless charm with just a hint of makeup during her time out on her own.

On the move: At one point, Johansson showcased her best superhero stance, while chasing her pup around in the warm sand

While at the bustling beach, Johansson playfully imitated a superhero stance while chasing her furry buddy through the sunny sand. Scarlett kept a close eye on her enthusiastic pet, keeping hold of its leash and waste bag as they had a great time by the shore. As her dog happily played in the sand, she relaxed, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her skin. Lifting her sundress to get some sun on her legs, she made sure to make the most of the beautiful day.

Glowing: While her dog got its wiggles out, Johansson took a seat in the sand and allowed her skin to get a little color

As her playful pup ran around, Johansson found a comfortable spot on the sandy beach and relaxed under the bright sun, enjoying its warm rays to give her skin a radiant tan.

Dog mom: The Black Widow star looked noticeably relaxed in her sandy sanctuary, but, eventually, she returned to her feet and made her way towards her Chihuahua

Dog mom: The Black Widow star looked noticeably relaxed in her sandy sanctuary, but, eventually, she returned to her feet and made her way towards her Chihuahua

Chihuahua Owner: The Hollywood star, famous for her performance in Black Widow, looked relaxed as she lounged on the sandy beach. But before long, she rose from her spot and strolled over to her petite canine companion.

Transformation: Without warning, Scarlett appeared to transform into her beloved Marvel character as she riled up her dog on the shore

Suddenly, Scarlett transformed into her beloved Marvel hero while gleefully frolicking with her canine companion by the shore. The Black Widow star appeared relaxed and carefree in her sandy paradise, until she rose and made her way towards her Chihuahua. With a surge of excitement, she knelt down and playfully motioned with her limbs before dashing off in a spirited sprint across the beach.

Responsible: Scarlett kept a close eye on her eager pet, while carrying its leash and doggy bag dispenser in her hand

Attentive: Scarlett kept a close eye on her excited pet, keeping a firm grip on its leash and carrying a bag dispenser for cleaning up after it.

Strong: Scarlett crouched down and led with her arms before launching into a full sandy sprint

With a sense of assurance, Scarlett crouched down and started moving swiftly, running on the sandy beach. After a fun game of chase with her playful pup, she chose to unwind with a leisurely stroll by the water’s edge. The wind tousled her hair and gently fluttered her dress while her faithful furry friend trotted along beside her. Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Colin Jost, Scarlett’s soon-to-be husband, was spotted effortlessly riding the waves with a surfboard in Montauk, a delightful location in the East Hamptons.

Winding down: After chasing her dog for a while, Scarlett decided to wind down by taking a tranquil stroll along the shoreline

Needing a breather: Following a fun play session with her furry companion, Scarlett opted to unwind by taking a leisurely stroll along the shore.

Follow the leader: She let her hair down and her dress blew in the wind as her furry friend followed obediently behind her

Strolling forward, she enjoyed the wind playfully tugging at her hair and dress, while her faithful sidekick followed closely. The 38-year-old SNL funnyman donned a colorful O’Neill wetsuit, complete with eye-catching royal blue sleeves, for his day of surfing. Colin Jost seemed to be in high spirits as he and his buddy made their way towards the water. Clearly showcasing his love for surfing, Colin expertly rode the waves on his bright orange board, displaying his impressive talents on the water.

Radical: Earlier in the day, Johansson's fiance Colin Jost was spotted with surfboard in hand as he expertly road the waves at a beach in Montauk, which is nestled in the East Hamptons

Fantastic: Prior to his upcoming marriage to Johansson, Colin Jost was spotted fearlessly riding the waves at a Montauk beach in the East Hamptons.

Skills: Colin, who is an avid surfer, showcased his skills, while effortlessly standing up on his bright orange board

Colin, a dedicated surfer, showcased his impressive surfing skills while elegantly riding his bright orange surfboard. Scarlett and Colin, a couple who began dating in 2017, got engaged in May of the previous year. Unfortunately, they had to put their wedding plans on hold due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked Jost about the potential impact of the pandemic on their upcoming wedding. Jost acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding legal restrictions and safety guidelines that discourage large gatherings to prevent the spread of the virus. He stressed the importance of being cautious and not putting the health of elderly or vulnerable family members at risk by hosting a large event. As for when they will be able to celebrate their union, Jost mentioned that the exact timing is still up in the air.

Engaged: Scarlett and Colin, who began dating in 2017, got engaged in May of last year. Due to the coronavirus, the pair have had to push back their nuptials; Scarlett and Colin pictured in February

Scarlett and Colin, a couple who began their love story back in 2017, excitedly decided to move forward in their relationship and become engaged in May of the year before. Unfortunately, their much-anticipated wedding had to be put on hold because of the persistent pandemic situation. Here’s a lovely photo of Scarlett and Colin spending time together in February.

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