“Breaking up with Angelina Jolie: The Shocking Reason Why This Luxury Brand Spent 12 Million Dollars and Walked Away”

Back in 2005, the posh fashion brand St. John made a big announcement by signing Angelina Jolie as their spokesperson. The company shelled out a whopping 12 million dollars for the deal, making Jolie one of the highest-paid celebrities for an advertising campaign at that time. Her elegant beauty, piercing eyes, chiseled jaw, and signature full lips captivated audiences in the black and white promotional photos. However, things took a turn eventually, leading to the end of their collaboration.

Angelina Jolie looked stunning in her simple yet chic designer attire, crafted from wool, tweed, and leather. Her appearance exuded elegance, glamour, and a subtle hint of fragility. This was during her happy family days with Brad Pitt, as they raised their four children together. Unfortunately, this period also marked the end of Jolie’s partnership with St. John, which was likely influenced by her captivating beauty and personal life.

During Glenn McMahon’s tenure as CEO of St John, he openly confessed to Women’s Wear Daily (WWW) that Angelina Jolie’s appearance had become more prominent than the brand itself. McMahon acknowledged that they desired to move away from working with actors and eliminate blondes altogether. The goal was to introduce a fresh, contemporary perspective of St John and demonstrate that they were open to change.

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