Chill Out, Orlando! Katy Perry Unamused by Actor’s PDA at a Crowded Beach

When he was spotted paddle-boarding in Sardinia completely nude, the internet went wild.

Katy Perry seems less than impressed by Orlando Blooms touching on beach |  Daily Mail Online

During his romantic vacation with girlfriend Katy Perry, 39-year-old Orlando Bloom was feeling playful again and was seen touching her breasts and showering her with kisses on a crowded beach.

Smitten: Orlando couldn't get enough of Katy, wrapping his arms around her as they sat

As the actor showered the singer with his affection in full view of the public, the 31-year-old’s reaction was far from approving. She averted her gaze and made an expression of discomfort as he clung onto her in the shallow waters and smooched her neck.

Hands on: Orlando placed his hands affectionately on Katy's stomach, while sitting under the parasol

The actor from The Lord Of The Rings was deeply in love with his girlfriend as he affectionately touched her in front of families with kids who were on vacation.

Making an adjustment: Katy adjusted her swimming costume while Orlando sat by her feet

Orlando was seen relaxing in crystal clear water, donning a navy cap and red swim shorts which showed off his bronzed complexion. On the other hand, Katy opted for a more natural look as she went makeup-free during their beach outing. She tied back her dark hair to enjoy the warmth of the sun on her face while showing off her curves in a vibrant and fashionable two-piece swimsuit.

Hands on: The pair preferred to sit together on a chair, continuing their close display

Orlando exhibited his fatherly instincts when he engaged in a conversation with a woman who carried a baby. With a genial smile on his face, he leaned towards the little one, while holding his hands behind his back. The renowned artist’s talent with children also shone through as he entertained the infant by making silly faces.

That's the life: The pair retreated from the glare of the sun and had quite a comfy set-up in the shade

As he strolled along the beach, the British actor flaunted his well-defined muscles. He even repeated his bold move of going nude by pulling down his shorts and sitting in the water. The attractive pair ventured further into the sea, and as they stood waist-deep, they shared a tender hug. Katie wrapped her arms around Orlando’s neck and nuzzled her face into his shoulder.

Looking good: Busty beauty: Katy's high-waisted bottoms had a cute frill, while her bikini top was finished off with a pretty bow

Once they were back on solid ground, Orlando was feeling playful and amused himself by squirting beach visitors with a water gun. He then settled into a comfy chair under a shady umbrella, sipping on a refreshing cold drink and taking puffs from an e-cigarette. Katie sat comfortably on his lap, snuggling into his embrace and looking content.

Come here you! Orlando pulled a beaming Katy close for yet another kiss and cuddle

Ever since they were seen together at a Golden Globes gathering in January, this duo has been joined at the hip. The actor had previously tied the knot with supermodel Miranda Kerr, and the two have a five-year-old boy named Flynn together.

This is the life: Katy looked gorgeous as she cooled down with a refreshing drink after her dip

Miranda revealed her betrothal to Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat, in the previous month. As for Katy, she tied the knot with British comedian and actor Russell Brand back in 2010. However, they parted ways in 2012, and Katy had a sporadic relationship with singer John Mayer before eventually falling for Orlando’s appeal.

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