“From Court Rivals to Best Buddies: The Unlikely Friendship of Victor Wembanyama and Stanford’s Maxime Raynaud”

Victor Wembanyama (left) of Metropolitans 92 and Maxime Raynaud of Stanford were  teammates while growing up in France.

Maxime Raynaud, a forward for Stanford, is amazed by his former teammate Victor Wembanyama’s ability to handle all the attention as he draws comparisons to basketball legends and is sought after by NBA teams. However, Raynaud knows that fame hasn’t changed Wembanyama, who remains a quirky teen with a passion for learning. The two bonded over their shared dream of joining French idols in the NBA, and Raynaud continues to send Wembanyama funny memes. Despite his physical abilities, Wembanyama’s intelligence shines through as a 4.0 student who taught himself English and mastered basketball skills quickly. Raynaud, who trained alongside Wembanyama, admires his former teammate’s talent and sees him as France’s next great player.

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