Jennifer Lopez rocks killer denim in upcoming police drama “Blue Hue”.

Renowned for her iconic backside, the singer known as Booty decided to keep her famous curves hidden during filming in New York. Jennifer Lopez, 46, opted for oversized trousers on the set of Shades Of Blue, denying onlookers a glimpse of her assets. Watch the video below for more details.

Jennifer Lopez caused a stir by concealing her famous curves while shooting Shades Of Blue in New York. It was unclear if she was going for a David Bowie-inspired Eighties look or if it was just part of the character’s storyline where she had to wear borrowed or male co-star’s clothing. Either way, Jennifer didn’t quite have her usual stylish appearance on set that day.

In character as a less-than-pristine detective, the singer was seen on set wearing oversized khaki suit trousers paired with a striped shirt that was casually tucked in. The shirt was left unbuttoned down to her bustline and also at the sleeves for a laid-back vibe. The pants were so roomy that the prop police badge, clipped to the waistband, threatened to slip off due to their loose fit.

Alert the style squad: The performer, taking on the role of a rebellious investigator, was spotted on set wearing loose-fitting khaki pants paired with a striped shirt neatly tucked in.

It was a bit risky business as she strutted in her oversized pants with a prop police badge clinging onto the waistband, almost causing a wardrobe malfunction. These loose clothes were a stark contrast to the form-fitting birthday dress she rocked on Friday night to mark the special occasion. As the cameras rolled, the star was caught on film strolling out from a bustling sidewalk, trying to catch someone’s eye with a vibrant red drink in her hand. The scene may have had a hint of comedy with the baggy clothing, but Shades Of Blue is anything but a comedy show.

Hey there! With cameras capturing every moment, the celebrity was seen strolling out from a bustling sidewalk, waving a vibrant red beverage in an attempt to catch someone’s eye.

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