Katy Perry Affirms Authenticity of Her Bust, Declines Playboy’s Nude Photography Offer

Our sibling website, 3am.co.uk, is constantly talking about the amazing torso of the musician. Surprisingly, Katy thinks that there are individuals who assume that she has undergone some form of enhancement for her bosom.

Katy Perry: I've got boobs but I won't pose for Playboy - pictures - Mirror  Online

During a conversation with Katy on YouTube, she clarified that her breasts are natural and she just wanted to clear any doubts or rumors.

Katy Perry (2009) Diana Scheunemann – FHM Photoshoot | Katy perry, Katy  perry legs, Fashion

Katy was recently asked if she would consider posing for Playboy. Her response was that she likely would decline the offer as she believes it would reveal too much about herself. She values keeping some things private and prefers to maintain a sense of mystery. Additionally, Katy thinks that there is a fine line between teasing and giving everything away, and she would rather err on the side of being a tease.

During the interview, Katy shared that she has a list of people she wants to kiss and mentioned Natalie Portman as the next candidate. She explained that Portman’s attractiveness and intelligence are the reasons why she made it onto her list. You can check out the interview for yourself by following the link provided above.

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In her own words, she expressed: “There was a time when I had a crush on Megan Fox and wanted to kiss her, but now that she’s married, I’m not really sure about my feelings anymore.”

Katy Perry dans GQ US Février 2014 (photos) | 1pic1day

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