Katy Perry Channels Tinker Bell on ‘American Idol’ Disney Night

Katy Perry, one of the judges on American Idol, playfully claimed that her elfin ears were a tribute to her fiancé Orlando Bloom’s famous appearance as Legolas in Lord of the Rings. She sported a dramatic outfit for the Disney-themed episode on Sunday night.

Perry nailed her look for the night as she dressed up in theme with the contestants’ performances, which were dedicated to iconic songs from Disney animated feature films such as Cinderella, The Lion King, and Hercules. She took inspiration from Tinker Bell from Peter Pan and pulled it off seamlessly.

The judge of the famous TV show, American Idol, went all out with her appearance by lightening her eyebrows to blonde and wearing prosthetic elfin ears created by makeup artist Barney Burman. She even joked that the ears were a tribute to her fiancé Orlando Bloom’s memorable character in Lord of the Rings.

“Legolas’s girlfriend is arriving in style, flying in on a hot air balloon with a bag full of pixie dust to sprinkle on anyone who doubts that we have the greatest top 10 performances in American Idol history, especially for Disney Night! Watch this behind-the-scenes video of me getting ready for my transformation backstage,” Perry announced in a playful tone.

After finishing her makeup, Perry adorned herself with a delightful Tinker Bell costume consisting of a lime green sequined strapless mini dress, eye-catching fairy wings, neon pumps and a platinum blonde wig. She appeared to have fun playing dress-up, but towards the end of the evening, she couldn’t wait to revert to her natural look. In an Instagram post, Perry announced that she was going to dye her brows back to their original color.

Every time there is a Disney-themed night on American Idol, Perry never fails to impress with her unique and creative looks. From Snow White to Dumbo to Ursula from The Little Mermaid, she definitely knows how to play up each season’s theme. Fans love her commitment and dedication to the theme, making her one of the highest paid TV judges. A fan even joked on Twitter about it, highlighting Perry’s undeniable talent for bringing joy to the audience.

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