Katy Perry Rocks a Glamorous Cowgirl Look with Chainmail Bodysuit and Fringed Pants

Katy Perry has a bold fashion sense that allows her to pull off just about any look – from wearing a bra made of beer cans to rocking a Met Gala hamburger dress. It’s no wonder that she can effortlessly pull off a glamorous space cowgirl outfit.

Katy Perry Wore a Glam Version of Cowgirlcore With a Chainmail Bodysuit and Fringe  Pants

Last Wednesday, Katy Perry took to Instagram to share a series of photos showing her visit to the Santa Barbara Carriage & Western Arts Museum. The popstar, who is known for her love of themed outfits, also dressed fittingly for the occasion.

Katy Perry Wore a Glam Version of Cowgirlcore With a Chainmail Bodysuit and  Fringe Pants

In the initial image of the collection, Perry can be seen posing casually against a wooden pillar, flaunting her stylish outfit. She donned a stunning silver chainmail bodysuit that featured a unique mock-belt design with a Western flair. The outfit was paired with black trousers embellished with fringe at the bottom, completing the look.

Katy Perry nails sexy cowgirl chic as she rocks a sparkly Stetson and chainmail  bodysuit

She paired her outfit with a bedazzled cowgirl hat and silver drop earrings, while her long, dark hair was styled in soft beach waves. To add some glamour, she opted for a beige lip and a smoky winged eyeliner, which was expertly applied by renowned makeup artist Ash K Holm.

Bruno Di Maio on Twitter:

Additional photos displayed the museum’s interior, including a beautifully arranged dining table with charming handkerchief napkins and a collection of Western-inspired silverware. Furthermore, there was a mirror selfie of Perry captured in the moment.

Bruno Di Maio on Twitter:

As a part of her social media updates, she posted a series of videos showcasing a band performance, a DJ playing music, a staged bar fight, and people dancing in a line. To provide some advice for the new year, she humorously wrote, “Remember not to squat with your spurs on, buddy 🤠.”

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