Katy Perry Shines Bright Like a Highlighter at Wango Tango Music Festival

Over the weekend, Katy Perry lit up the stage at the Wango Tango music festival in Los Angeles. The singer of “Bon Appetit” dazzled the crowd with her outfit – a tiny, sequined yellow dress and bodysuit designed by Adam Selman. It was definitely a bold and eye-catching fashion statement!

Perry spiced up her outfit with some unique touches, including soft pink garter leggings, gloves that reached her elbows, and eye-catching neon boots. To add an extra edge to her look, she wore a clear Zana Bayne belt that was connected to a choker resembling a harness typically used for pets in science fiction movies.

The famous vocalist, recognized for her sugary and colorful clothing choices, embraced her favorite theme without hesitation. She exuded confidence and glamour both on stage at Wango Tango and while making her way down the red carpet. Prior to the performance, Perry confidently posed for photographers in yet another vibrant and eye-catching neon yellow ensemble. This time, she opted for a more demure micropleat dress in the same striking shade of yellow as her previous outfit.

The Issey Miyake dress had a design that included gray sections spread throughout its long sleeves.

Perry is still promoting her latest collaboration with Migos, the track titled “Bon Appetit.” Recently, she shared a bite of cherry pie with a KIIS FM host while discussing her new album. Perry was careful not to drop any pie on her colorful outfit as she spoke about the record’s theme of complete liberation in all aspects of life: mental, sexual, negative, and spiritual.

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