“Katy Perry’s Future on American Idol in Question Following Controversial Remarks”

As per reports, American Idol enthusiasts have expressed their dissatisfaction with Katy Perry’s remarks to the contestants, deeming them ‘offensive and belittling.’ Consequently, show producers are contemplating ‘substituting’ her.

According to reports, the producers of American Idol are feeling uneasy about Katy Perry’s behavior as a judge on the popular talent show in the US. Fans have not been impressed with her comments to contestants during the season, and many have taken to social media to criticize the Firework singer. Some Twitter users have called her rude and nasty towards performers auditioning for the show. Due to the negative feedback, producers are reportedly considering replacing Perry as a judge.


It has been reported that there might be a possibility of replacing Katy Perry on American Idol.

Katy became a judge on American Idol during its sixteenth season in 2018

In 2018, Katy joined the American Idol judging panel for its sixteenth season. However, sources have now revealed to Radar that producers are considering replacing her due to concerns over her behavior and the impact this may have on audience satisfaction. Mirror Online has reached out to ABC, Disney, and Katy’s publicists for comment. This speculation follows an incident during which a contestant named Sara Beth Lieb quit the show after fans accused Katy of “mum-shaming” her. When the judges were informed that Sara was a mother of three, Katy made a comment about her laying on the table too much, which prompted Sara to joke that she might pass out if Katy did the same.


Sara, a mother of three children, recently appeared on a television show. During the program, she was seen telling a crew member that she didn’t feel like she had a chance of winning and wanted to quit. However, Katy Perry encouraged her not to give up, reminding her that self-love is as important as being a mother. Despite this, Sara still decided to leave the competition. After her audition gained attention online, she addressed the incident with Katy in a TikTok video, acknowledging that it was embarrassing and hurtful.

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