Katy Perry’s Grand Plan to Embrace ‘Grandma Pop Star’ Status

During her appearance on Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘goop’ podcast, the 38-year-old singer expressed her desire to become a grandma pop star in the future. According to Katy Perry, not many grandmas or grandpas are seen in her field, but she wants to be one of the exceptions. Her motivation comes from wanting to leave a legacy for her daughter, family, and partner. Katy acknowledges that the music industry can be tough, and not everyone makes it out alive, but she intends to keep on singing even in her golden years.

During a recent appearance on Gwyneth Paltrow’s podcast ‘goop’, the 38-year-old musician shared her aspiration of becoming a ‘grandma pop star’. She noted that older individuals are not often seen in her industry, but she plans to change that and hopes to do it for her daughter, family, and partner. She also acknowledged the challenges of their line of work and emphasized the importance of making the most out of life.

According to a report from femalefirst.co.uk, Katy Perry has recently shared that she needs to watch her diet carefully to avoid gaining too much weight during her Las Vegas residency. The singer, who kicked off her ‘Play’ performances at the Resorts World Hotel in December 2021, has curated a schedule that allows her some downtime, but she also has to be mindful not to indulge too much in Vegas, just like Elvis Presley famously did during his own residency in the 1970s.

During an appearance on the ‘Smartless’ podcast, she humorously mentioned that her residency schedule consists of three weeks on and six to nine weeks off, which makes it easy for her to become like “fat Elvis” during her downtime. Despite this, she’s happy with the balance between her work and home life, as it gives her more opportunities to spend time with her husband-to-be Orlando Bloom and their two-year-old daughter Daisy.

In her explanation, she shared that she divides her work into three-week segments. This allows her to take her daughter to pre-school and then go to work, returning home the following day. According to her, it’s a wonderful routine that many pop stars enjoy doing and checking off their list. Additionally, it enables her to put together a fantastic and extravagant show that she couldn’t possibly tour with due to the numerous props on stage that are difficult to move around.

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