“Katy Perry’s Resourceful MMVA 2012 Trophy: A Wardrobe Malfunction Savior and More!”

Warning! Russell Brand’s former partner has discovered a new way to use her MuchMusic Video Award 2012. What a smart move!

During the MMVAs last night, Katy Perry was seen using her award to maintain her modesty. As she expressed her gratitude to her fans for the recognition, she held the rectangular-shaped trophy across her chest and then lowered it to cover her private areas.

Katy Perry made use of her accolade to express her gratitude towards her admirers in Toronto.

During her performance of “Wide Awake,” Russell Brand’s former partner incorporated butterfly wings into her nude bodysuit.

As she made her grand entrance at the MuchMusic Video Awards, Katy Perry appeared to be channeling a superhero vibe that was hard to miss.

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