“Katy Perry’s VMAs Outfit Sparks Nostalgia with a Denim Dress Throwback”

Katy Perry recently paid tribute to the iconic MTV VMA moment when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake showed up in matching denim outfits thirteen years ago.

Katy Perry at the MTV VMAs 2014 | Pictures | POPSUGAR Celebrity

Katy flaunted a denim dress and proudly announced that they were both dressed in personalized Versace outfits that were reminiscent of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s famous look. Riff Raff played the role of Justin to Katy’s Britney, and the duo collaborated on the remix of “This Is How We Do.”

Yes, Britney Spears Responded to Katy Perry's Denim Dress | Who What Wear UK

In the previous year, Britney was approached by MTV to share her opinions on a particular fashion choice.

VMAs 2014: Katy Perry pays homage to Britney Spears in denim dress

Britney believes that it’s not possible to replicate past achievements. She emphasizes the importance of incorporating novel and exciting elements in her work. Britney has consistently strived to create unique and complex pieces that are unlike anything she has done before.

Katy Perry went as Britney Spears to the VMAs - and Britney has responded

Katy previously stated that she will express her opinion about the MTV VMAs on the red carpet. Britney then tweeted challenging Katy to do so.

Britney Spears Responds To Katy Perry's VMAs Denim Dress | Access Online

The difficulty arose when Katy praised Britney’s video showcasing her exceptional Woody Woodpecker imitation.

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