“Matt Damon’s confession: Locking lips with Scarlett Johansson was a daunting experience”

During a candid conversation with Emily Blunt, Damon shared about the unpleasant experience he had while locking lips with Scarlett Johansson.

According to Al Bawaba, Matt Damon has revealed that locking lips with Scarlett Johansson was an absolute nightmare. During a conversation with Emily Blunt, the actor shared his experience of kissing the Hollywood starlet.

During their conversation, Damon and Blunt deliberated over the question of whether it is appropriate to inform someone if they have bad breath. Damon ultimately shared his personal encounter with this situation.

According to the actor, smooching Johansson on set for We Bought a Zoo was an absolute nightmare.

Damon recounted an amusing incident where he and his co-star thought they were done with filming for the day and went to have lunch. However, they were called back to shoot a scene featuring a kiss. Unfortunately, his co-star had eaten an onion sandwich and was not pleased about it being caught on camera. She exclaimed “Aw shit!” upon realizing the tight shot would capture her onion breath during the kiss.

According to the performer, despite teasing her constantly, the woman had a pleasantly fragrant breath akin to the scent of flowers.

Despite teasing her all along, Damon remarked that her breath had a pleasant scent resembling that of roses.

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