“Phone-in-Cleavage: Katy Perry’s Unique Way of Enjoying July 4th Bike Ride in Venice Beach”

Katy Perry, the famous artist who sings about her life as a California girl, celebrated July 4th by going back to her hometown. With some friends, she had a fun bike ride around Venice, a common activity among the locals. Katy looked joyful and at ease as she rode through the streets and later took the path along the beach that leads to Santa Monica.

Back in the U-S-A: Katy Perry celebrated Fourth of July with a bike ride around Venice

Katy Perry enjoyed the Fourth of July by taking a leisurely bike ride around the scenic area of Venice in the United States.

Call my cleavage: Katy Perry put her phone in between her breasts

Katy Perry found a unique solution to keep her phone safe while out and about in a bikini with a cream dress, and a jumper tied around her waist. To accessorize her outfit, she wore a flower-embellished headband and flat black pumps. Due to the lack of pockets or a bag, Katy had to improvise and placed her phone securely in between her breasts. As she cycled around the fashionable neighborhood, the device could be seen peeking out of her top.

Keeping contact close to her chest: The singer had donned a cream dress over a bikini for the beach day

Katy was spotted having a blast with a large crew of buddies, all cruising on their bicycles. To fully embrace the beach vibe, the singer even ditched her shoes and pedaled barefoot along the picturesque Venice Beach. After a pit stop at a local watering hole for some drinks, she seemed to get chilly and pulled on a cozy sweater.

Keeping contact close to her chest: The singer had donned a cream dress over a bikini for the beach day

The vocalist had chosen to wear a light-colored dress on top of her bathing suit while spending time at the beach. She appeared to be keeping her communication device concealed.

We're with Katy: The singer certainly had an entourage as she biked around with a large group of friends

Katy Perry was spotted biking around town with a large group of friends, appearing to be in good spirits despite her busy schedule. She had just returned to the US after the premiere of her film, Katy Perry: Part Of Me, in London. Addressing rumors that her split with Russell Brand was due to conflicting views on having children, Katy revealed that she is currently prioritizing her career over starting a family but will become a mother when the time is right. Despite the emotional turmoil of her divorce, Katy is grateful for her success and reminds herself that there are many others ready to take her place. In footage from her documentary, she gives fans a glimpse into the early stages of her relationship with Russell, showing them in love and affectionate.

She wore flowers in her hair: Katy had a floral embellished headband like a female friend

Katy donned a lovely headband adorned with vibrant blooms, similar to one of her gal pals who also sported a flower accessory in her hair.

Barefoot beach chic: Part way through the bike ride Katy ditched her shoes to go barefoot

Barefoot beach chic: Part way through the bike ride Katy ditched her shoes to go barefoot

Going for a barefoot beach look, Katy decided to take off her shoes during a bike ride. However, as time passed and she spent more time away from her loved ones, Katy found herself struggling emotionally. In the documentary, there’s a scene where Katy breaks down backstage during a show in Brazil and can’t decide whether to proceed or not. Despite this, she manages to gather herself and puts on a brave face, happy for her fans as the show begins.

Pit stop the gang were seen stopping at an eatery for some refreshments along their way

The group of friends decided to take a pit stop at a local restaurant to grab some snacks and drinks on their journey.

Having a great time: Katy was beaming as she enjoyed her day on her bike

Katy was absolutely thrilled as she spent her day cycling, radiating pure joy and contentment.

Afternoon chill: After stopping around for some refreshments Katy had put on a jumper to bike home

Enjoying the cool afternoon: Katy took a break to grab some drinks before heading home in her cozy jumper on her bike. In a different setting, we see a tired Katy on a plane asking her team member about her next tour break so she can visit her husband. Her reaction turns anxious when told that she won’t be seeing him for another 18 days. In another scene, a crew member inquires if Katy’s husband will be joining her on tour. She responds with frustration, saying “He should, but he’s not.”

Steady on the peddles: The singer appeared to lose her balance a little as she set off

Steady on the peddles: The singer appeared to lose her balance a little as she set off

As she began pedaling, the vocalist seemed to struggle with maintaining her equilibrium.

She's got her stars and stripes covered: Katy appeared to be patriotic in her fashion for the day in a star print top and her dress had a striped hem

Katy Perry looked patriotic in her attire for the day, wearing a top with star prints and a dress with a striped hem. However, she revealed in an interview with The Sun that she is struggling to keep her marriage with Russell Brand alive. Katy blamed Russell’s lack of effort in visiting her during her tours as the reason for their marriage falling apart. She confirmed that if she could change the situation, she would, but unfortunately, that was the reality of their relationship.

Hanging with the cool kids: Katy enjoyed a bike ride around the trendy area of Venice

Chilling with the hip clique: Katy had a blast cycling through the fashionable neighborhood of Venice.

Feeling patriotic: Later Katy changed into another red white and blue ensemble to party at a bar in Santa Monica

Filled with love for her country, Katy opted for a new outfit that matched the colors of the American flag – red, white and blue. She headed to a bar in Santa Monica to continue the celebrations.

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