“Rockin’ Rio: The Epic Showdown of Rihanna and Katy Perry’s Superstar Duo”

Rihanna and Katy Perry proved why they are among the top-selling artists globally during their performance at the Rock in Rio music festival in Rio de Janeiro. The duo, who are known to be close friends, gave a stunning and energetic show, showcasing their superstar talent. Despite their friendship, both artists put their all into their performances, leaving the audience in awe.

Rocking out: Katy Perry opened the legendary Rock in Rio music festival in Rio de Janeiro with an incredible set, pulling no punches for the massive show which also starred Rihanna

Katy Perry kicked off the iconic Rock in Rio music festival in Rio de Janeiro with an unforgettable performance, which also featured Rihanna. The show started with a spectacular display of fireworks and various local artists before Katy Perry took the stage as the headliner. Prior to her set, she tweeted her excitement about the show and promised to give her best to the 100,000 fans in attendance. The pop star made a grand entrance by appearing in silhouette behind a blue frame illuminated by enchanting pink lights, creating an air of anticipation. She began her performance with the mega-hit “Teenage Dream” and did not hold back throughout the rest of her set.

Owning the stage: Rihanna was stunning in red black and white stripes, showing off her taut stomach and amazing legs as she gave Rio a performance to remember

Rihanna definitely owned the stage during her performance in Rio, dressed in a stunning red, black, and white striped outfit that accentuated her toned stomach and incredible legs. It was a show that the audience won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Carnival style: Katy went for a full showgirl look showing off her figure in a skin tight diamante costume with flamboyant giant feathers

Katy rocked a carnival-inspired outfit that showcased her figure in a tight diamante costume adorned with large and flamboyant feathers. The audience erupted in thunderous applause as the singer greeted them with a cheerful “Hello Rio!” to conclude her performance. Her attire consisted of a blue Lycra costume embedded with sparkling blue diamante that accentuated her toned physique, complete with fishnet tights featuring matching diamante detailing. To enhance her carnival look, she added beautiful peacock-style feathers on her back and cinched her waist with a thick blue belt.

Chart topping: Rihanna's latest single We Found Love reached number one on iTunes yesterday

Rihanna’s newest hit We Found Love took the top spot on iTunes charts as of yesterday.

Teenage Dream: Katy also donned a blue mini dress accessorised with matching gloves

Katy Perry, the pop icon, rocked a blue mini dress with matching gloves to complete her teenage dream look.

Top performer: Katy belted out her famous hits in front of the large crowd in Brazil

Katy, the star performer, wowed the Brazilian audience with her iconic songs. Donning a wired skirt edged with purple sequins and a matching sparkly headdress, the 27-year-old rocked a pale blue mini dress. Holding a microphone in her gloved hands, she confidently strode across the stage adorned with giant Willy Wonka-style lollipops, entertaining the crowd with one hit after another. Rihanna also captivated the audience, undeterred by following Katy’s outstanding act. With her red and white striped outfit flaunting her toned stomach and her fiery red hair styled in long curls atop her head, the talented singer strutted onto the stage and delivered an amazing performance.

Headline set: Katy, Rihanna and Elton John were the main acts for the first night of the festival

For the opening night of the festival, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Elton John took center stage as the main performers.

Strutting her stuff: Rihanna has been in Rio performing at other venues for the past couple of weeks, warming up to her amazing performance last night

Rihanna has been strutting her stuff in Rio, putting on amazing performances at various venues leading up to her epic show last night. During the performance, the star exuded sex appeal and seemed to be relishing the company of her pal. She later tweeted Katy Perry, expressing her love and gratitude for their time together, adding that she’d had a fantastic night and missed hanging out with her “crazy” friend. The two were seen making the rounds at one of the city’s upscale nightclubs on Thursday night. Rihanna has been in Rio for a few weeks now, using her performances as warm-ups for Rock in Rio, which is widely considered to be the biggest music festival on the planet.

Giving it some: Katy put her all into pleasing her fans before her friend Rihanna took to the stage

Katy gave her best shot to entertain her fans before her buddy Rihanna’s performance.

Drama: Katy's illuminated silhouette was seen inside a blue frame as she entered the stage

The stage was set ablaze with Katy’s glowing silhouette inside a blue frame as she made her dramatic entrance.

Opposite looks: the star changed a few more times donning a black cat outfit and an a pretty pink cupcake dress

Opposite looks: the star changed a few more times donning a black cat outfit and an a pretty pink cupcake dress

The celebrity showcased contrasting appearances by switching between a black cat costume and a lovely pink cupcake dress. The highly anticipated event’s opening night featured a performance by Elton John, while upcoming performances throughout the week will include renowned artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jamiroquai, Metallica, Maroon 5, and Guns N’ Roses.

Flying the flag for Brazil: Katy wore this unique sequined number for her performance at the Rock in Rio music festival

Rihanna must be over the moon as she’s had a fantastic week with her latest single We Found Love taking the top spot on iTunes.

Flying the flag for Brazil: Katy wore this unique sequined number for her performance at the Rock in Rio music festival

Katy made a statement with her outfit at the Rock in Rio music festival in Brazil, sporting a one-of-a-kind sequined ensemble. She arrived for her performance by helicopter and took to Twitter to express gratitude for the overwhelming support on her first single, “WE FOUND LOVE,” urging fans to listen on iTunes if they haven’t already.

Amping it up: Rihanna rocked her usual sexy stage style as she performed to the 100,000 strong audience

Rihanna set the stage on fire with her trademark sultry performance style, captivating an enormous crowd of 100,000 fans.

Supportive friend: Katy watched Rihanna's performance having changed out of her own stage gear

As a good friend, Katy cheered on Rihanna from the crowd after changing out of her own stage outfit. The Brazilian music festival, also known as the “Woodstock” of Brazil, is being held at the City of Rock, a venue constructed for the upcoming 2016 Summer Games in Rio. With an estimated attendance of 700,000 people over the next week, this festival is sure to be a lively and exciting event.

Ready to land: Rihanna took an helicopter to the City of Rock venue, which is on the future site of the 2016 Olympic games village in Rio

All set to touch down: Rihanna hopped on a helicopter ride towards the City of Rock location, situated in the area where the Olympic village for the 2016 games will be constructed in Rio.

Stylish: The singer looked chic in a monochrome outfit before changing into her skimpy stage costume

Fashionable: The artist appeared trendy in a black and white ensemble, but later transformed into a revealing performance attire.

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