Scarlett Johansson Reveals Her Vulnerable Side: Why She Shies Away from Social Media

According to Scarlett Johansson, social media is not her thing because she feels like she is too sensitive for it.

During an episode of Dear Media’s “The Skinny Confidential Him Her Podcast,” Scarlett Johansson, known for her role in “Black Widow,” admitted that she cannot handle social media due to her fragile ego and brain. She shared that she attempted to use Instagram for three days but quickly found herself going down a rabbit hole and wasting time scrolling through someone’s page. Johansson expressed feeling guilty for not being a part of someone else’s life and even considered moving to California, getting a specific dog, and changing her life after seeing someone’s profile.

On the other hand, the actress who was nominated for an Oscar confessed that she manages to receive some degree of social media communication through her skincare brand’s page. Johansson and Kate Foster jointly established The Outset, which every now and then showcases videos produced by the duo. Johansson amusingly referred to these clips as “terrible.”

Johansson expressed her delight in using TikTok and compared the experience to that of a child playing with their mother’s phone. She mentioned that while she promotes her business on her Instagram page, she refrains from indulging in the platform herself. Johansson revealed that she occasionally makes appearances on her skincare line’s TikTok account to review and perform, but she does not use the video-sharing platform in her personal time. Overall, she finds TikTok to be an enjoyable experience.

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