Scarlett Johansson’s Ad for SodaStream in the West Bank: No Regrets Here!

Scarlett Johansson, a former ambassador of Oxfam, has raised concerns about the charity’s stance on political boycotts of Israel. The actress has stated that she does not regret promoting SodaStream, which is headquartered in Israel and has a controversial factory located in a West Bank settlement. Johansson resigned from her position at Oxfam after the organization criticized her decision to endorse the carbonated drink maker. However, the actress stands by her choice and claims to have been aware of the factory before signing the contract. Johansson believes that the factory should not be closed until a solution is found that wouldn’t leave the workers destitute.

La polémica tras el anuncio de Scarlett Johansson para la Super Bowl

In a letter to Johansson, Oxfam expressed its belief that businesses operating in settlements contribute to the ongoing poverty and denial of rights of Palestinian communities. While Johansson acknowledged the organization’s stance, she did not believe that the case against the factory was clear. She felt that the issue was more complex than just one particular situation and that there was no clear right or wrong side.

Scarlett Johansson's Banned Super Bowl Commercial - video Dailymotion

According to Johansson, she has come to realize that British perspectives on the West Bank’s status are more straightforward than those of other regions. She believes that the SodaStream factory serves as a blueprint for progress in what seems like an impossible situation. Despite the UN, Red Cross, and International Court of Justice’s agreement that the factory violates international law, Johansson remains unconvinced. She feels that non-governmental organizations supporting political causes is questionable. She also claims that Oxfam has previously funded a boycott, divest, sanctions (BDS) movement, which they have denied.

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