Scarlett Johansson’s TV transformation routine includes a skin-tight leggings workout

Sporting a cap pulled down to cover her eyes and a firmly up hood, she appeared to be a typical jogger in the park to many.

Though Scarlett Johansson might not have been easily identifiable at first glance, her choice of skin-tight leggings and a tight top hinted at a celebrity status.

Yesterday, the young celebrity was spotted exiting a gym in Los Angeles with her trusty iPod and hydration companion. Not long after, she underwent a complete transformation for her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Looking fit and fabulous, Scarlett Johansson was spotted leaving her gym in Los Angeles after a good workout. The actress was dressed to impress in her gym attire. However, on a television program, she had quite the scare when a man dressed in a bumblebee costume pulled a prank on her, causing her to jump and scream in surprise.

During her appearance on the program, the celebrity discussed her portrayal of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 when suddenly an individual dressed in costume startled her.

After discussing her husband Ryan Reynolds on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Scarlett Johansson was surprised by a giant bumblebee that buzzed loudly in her ear, causing her to jump and scream. She jokingly commented, “You can’t do that on television.” The actress was visibly scared and mentioned that she didn’t know what else would come at her. Ellen made light of the situation, saying that the bee was a decoy to get Johansson out of the interview.

As she took a well-deserved break, an unexpected surprise came her way. During her interview, a man dressed up as a bee crept up behind her and caught her off guard.

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