Showing Off: Jennifer Lopez Rocks Her Fit Abs During Intense Workout, After Transforming into a Bride in “Marry Me”

At 50 years old, Jennifer Lopez still wows fans with her incredible looks, seen most recently in her role in the film Hustlers. Currently busy filming her upcoming movie Marry Me alongside Owen Wilson, Lopez took to Instagram to share a photo after a workout, showing off her beautifully sculpted abs.

Gym bunny: Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram Sunday, showing off the fruits of her labor as she flashed her taut abs, following a sweaty workout

Jennifer Lopez, who is passionate about fitness, flaunted her well-defined abs on Instagram following a tough workout. She rocked a chic yellow crop top with thumb holes paired with grey workout pants featuring bold yellow stripes. Lopez is famous for her incredible physique, notably turning heads in the iconic green Versace dress at the Grammy Awards back in 2000. She impressed fans once more by donning a modern take on the dress at Milan Fashion Week. In the movie “Hustlers,” Lopez showed off her toned body while portraying the character of Ramona.

Sweaty workout: She sported a long-sleeve yellow crop top with thumb holes, paired with skintight grey workout pants, featuring multi-toned yellow stripes

After a challenging workout, she confidently sported a trendy yellow crop top that had long sleeves and cool thumb holes. The top matched flawlessly with snug grey athletic pants, which had eye-catching yellow stripes in different hues.

Serving body: Lopez has long been known to cut a stunning figure, most notably in her iconic plunging green Versace dress at the Grammy Awards in 2000

Lopez has long been praised for her stunning looks, particularly when she wowed audiences with a bold fashion choice by wearing a striking green Versace gown at the 2000 Grammy Awards.

Déjà vu: She recently rocked an updated version of the dress for Versace's runway show at Milan Fashion Week

During the Versace runway show at Milan Fashion Week, she amazed the audience with a fresh take on the traditional dress. In her new film “Marry Me,” the Bronx actress trades in her flashy stage costumes for a stunning bridal dress. The movie tells the story of her character, Kat Valdez, a renowned popstar who finds out her fiancé (played by Maluma) has cheated on her right before their Madison Square Garden wedding. Instead of going through with the ceremony, she decides to cancel it and spontaneously picks a random audience member to marry instead – a math teacher played by Wilson.

Leading lady: The 50-year-old also put her tight bod on display this year when she played Ramona in the stripper crime drama Hustlers

Prominent female actor: At 50 years old, she fearlessly flaunted her well-toned physique portraying Ramona in the hit stripper crime movie, Hustlers.

New movie: She's recently been spotted around New York City, filming her next movie Marry Me with Owen Wilson

In her most recent project, she has been spotted in different spots around New York City, busy filming her upcoming movie Marry Me, where she stars alongside actor Owen Wilson.

White wedding: Most recently, she donned an opulent beaded wedding dress for the movie's big scene

In the most recent movie, she was spotted donning a stunning wedding dress adorned with beautiful beads for a special wedding scene. The filming took them to different parts of New York City where they were often seen capturing scenes. During one recent sighting, she stood out in a glamorous beaded wedding gown, hinting at what might be in store as she and Alex Rodriguez prepare to tie the knot. Their engagement was marked with a grand celebration amongst their closest friends and family just a month ago.

Art imitating life: It could be a peek of what's to come, as she's getting ready to tie the knot with Alex Rodriguez, recently celebrating their engagement party

Life imitating art: It looks like a sneak peek of the future as she gets ready to say “I do” to Alex Rodriguez, celebrating the moment with a fun-filled engagement bash.

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