“Skinny-Dipping in Europe: Katy Perry’s Fiancé Orlando Bloom Goes Au Naturel on a Paddleboarding Adventure”

Katy Perry has recently shed light on the infamous nude paddleboarding incident involving her fiancee, Orlando Bloom, which occurred during their trip to Europe four years ago.

Context: Four years after her fiancee Orlando Bloom was spotted paddleboarding in the nude on a trip to Europe, Katy Perry is offering some context

During her appearance on The Howard Stern Show’s at-home edition, Perry discussed Bloom and their past experiences. Stern mentioned meeting Bloom at a party and brought up the topic of ‘the famous penis picture,’ to which Perry responded by revealing that Bloom had attempted to convince her to go nude paddleboarding. However, she declined the offer.

Famous pic: Perry appeared on the at-home edition of The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, when Stern recalled meeting Bloom at a party, and he started teasing him about 'the famous penis picture

During an interview with Stern, Perry was asked about her decision to paddleboard nude and whether she was aware that there was a possibility of being photographed. In response, Perry stated that she was being pragmatic and it never crossed her mind that someone might take a picture of her. While she claimed that she would never set anyone up intentionally, she admitted to having a slight suspicion due to feeling like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show. Perry explained that she tends to be more practical in her approach to things. When asked why she didn’t question the idea of paddleboarding nude, Perry explained that everyone around them was naked, and she wanted to fit in.

Pragmatic: When Stern asked if she knew not to be nude because she knew there was a possibility of a photo being taken, Perry just chalked it up to being pragmatic

“Europe was the destination and we had a relaxed week until we noticed that everyone was wearing revealing clothes, but it’s expected in Italy. Probably my friend wanted to look like the locals on the last day of our trip.”

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She made a humorous remark about how Bloom was sharing with her the “stats” on the popularity of his movies, including Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, on Twitter. She playfully rolled her eyes, but was surprised later when she saw that he was trending at the top spot on the social media platform. She couldn’t believe it and wondered how that could happen.

Chill: 'Well it was Europe. And honestly we had had a pretty chill time for a week and everywhere we looked it was like everybody’s naked, it’s Europe, it’s Italy. And i think he wanted to fit in with the locals and it was the end of the trip,' she added.

Relaxed: “We were in Europe and things were pretty laid-back for the past week. It seemed like everyone was walking around naked, but that’s just how it is in Italy. I think my friend wanted to blend in with the locals before we headed back home.”

Orlando Bloom's Naked Paddleboarding Pics Shown in Daily Star

According to Perry, Bloom frequently mentions Stern and admires their relationship. Stern agreed and even joked about his own good looks. Perry then joked that his own appearance is the reason for his troubles.

Rapport: Stern added genuinely that, 'we do,' adding, 'I think the same thing,' joking that he's so 'f***ing handsome.'

Perry and Bloom began their romantic journey in 2016, and after three years, Bloom proposed to Perry on Valentine’s Day of 2019. They had planned to get married in Japan this summer, but unfortunately, they had to postpone the wedding due to the pandemic’s impact. Meanwhile, Perry is pregnant with their first child, but she has not revealed any details about the baby’s expected arrival.

Engaged: Perry and Bloom started dating in 2016, and Bloom popped the question on Valentine's Day in 2019

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