“Transforming Ink: The Journey of a ‘Half Sleeve Tattoo’ to a $20k Body Art Masterpiece”

Summer McInerney decided to get a half sleeve tattoo on her right arm in July 2015 in order to set herself apart and achieve a tough appearance. Initially just a small choice, this decision evolved into a major creative endeavor that now adorns a significant portion of her body. In close to two years, the 23-year-old woman from Brisbane has spent approximately 127 hours (equivalent to 15 full days) and nearly AUD $20,000 on her tattoo collection.

In July 2015, Summer McInerney (pictured) made the decision to get a 'half sleeve tattoo' down her right arm

In July 2015, Summer McInerney made the bold choice to adorn her right arm with a half sleeve tattoo. (Image shown above)

Little did Ms McInerney know that this would lead to an incredible art project covering much of her body (pictured)

Little did Ms McInerney know that her spontaneous choice would lead to a beautiful art project that covers a large portion of her skin.

Nearly two years later, the model (pictured) has spent around 127 hours being tattooed (or 15 full days), and close to AUD $20,000

After almost two years, the person in the photo has spent approximately 127 hours getting tattooed, which is equal to about 15 full days, and has shelled out nearly AUD $20,000 on their body art. Ms. McInerney originally planned for just a half sleeve tattoo, but after collaborating with her tattoo artist, Coen Mitchell from Auckland, she ended up expanding her ink collection. “Once Coen finished my sleeve, I was so impressed and captivated by it,” Ms. McInerney explained. “I knew right away that I wanted more, and fortunately, he had a great idea for my upper thighs and buttocks.” Soon enough, Ms. McInerney was adding intricate designs to her stomach and chest. “Getting my stomach and chest tattooed was a big moment for me, but surprisingly, they weren’t as painful as I expected,” she added.

Ms McInerney said that after she had her first inking done on her half sleeve, she couldn't resist working with her tattoo artist, Coen Mitchell, for more 

Following her initial experience getting a tattoo on her half sleeve, Ms. McInerney became captivated and was excited to team up with her skilled tattoo artist, Coen Mitchell, for additional ink designs.

'The stomach and chest were a big deal for me when I got them done, but they actually weren't the most painful!,' she said

Instead, Ms McIerney found her sternum the most painful part

When questioned about the tattoos on her stomach and chest, she shared that they were definitely memorable, but surprisingly, not the most agonizing. Ms. McInerney disclosed that getting her sternum tattoo was actually the most excruciating part of getting inked.

Speaking about the reaction people have to her tattoos, Ms McInerney said: 'It's very overwhelming. I got these tattoos for me, I wanted to change my body into something unique'

When talking about the reactions to her tattoos, Ms. McInerney mentioned that the responses can sometimes be a lot to handle. She shared that she chose to get tattoos as a way to make her body unique and special to herself.

'I've had someone in their seventies come up to me and say

She fondly recalled the time when a person in their seventies came up to her and complimented her tattoos, despite not being a fan of them. The encounter left a lasting impact on her, as it was a moment filled with deep meaning.

She also works full-time as a model now, appearing in both editorial shoots and magazines

Currently, she is fully immersed in her career as a model, landing opportunities in editorial photo shoots and appearing in various magazines. When asked about her perspective on pain, the 23-year-old revealed that if she can remember feeling it, then it must have been pretty intense. One of the most excruciating moments for her was when she got her sternum tattooed, although she also found the pain on her feet to be quite uncomfortable. Nevertheless, she is looking forward to getting her foot lasered so that she can complete the sleeve on her leg. Her journey into the world of tattoos has attracted a large following on social media, a fact that she finds both thrilling and a bit overwhelming. To her, getting tattoos has been a personal journey towards transforming her body into something truly unique. She is delighted to have so many people appreciating her ink, from young fans to older individuals in their seventies who have praised her tattoos as resembling works of art.

And while she obviously has plans to complete her right leg and get her left leg tattooed too, Ms McInerney said that she still knows where she would draw the line - her face 

Ms. McInerney has plans to complete the tattoo on her right leg and then move on to her left leg, but she is adamant that there is one tattoo boundary she will not cross – getting a face tattoo.

She said that her advice for people who are looking to turn their bodies into something different and special like she has done is to do the research

For anyone looking to change their body and achieve the kind of transformation that she herself has accomplished, her advice is to start by doing plenty of research.

'Pick the artist who will do the best thing for your body and then spend the money - don't feel bad about it,' she said.

Her suggestion was to carefully select the artist who would offer top-notch service for your body and to wholeheartedly support their craft without any reservations.

'I've spent around $20,000 excluding travel to and from New Zealand to see Coen, but these tattoos will be on my body for the rest of my life. You've got to invest'

I’ve spent around $20,000 on tattoos from Coen in New Zealand, not counting travel expenses. These tattoos are a permanent part of me, so I definitely view it as a worthwhile investment. Although I plan to finish my right leg and have my left leg tattooed too, I do have my limits. I’ll stick to finishing my right leg and go for black and grey realism on my left with Coen. While I’m open to throat tattoos, my face is where I draw the line. For anyone thinking about getting transformative tattoos like mine, I recommend thorough research. It took me two years to choose Coen after looking at various artists. I trust him completely, and every piece he’s done on me complements my body perfectly. Pick an artist who will enhance your body in the best possible way and be ready to invest the money without any guilt. These tattoos are for life, so it’s crucial to invest in quality work. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook and Instagram for updates. You can also follow Coen Mitchell on Facebook to check out more of his incredible work.

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