“V from BTS catches attention with his stylish airport fashion and gigantic luggage on his way back to Korea”

The latest fashion statement of BTS member Kim Taehyung, who goes by the name V, has created a buzz amongst his fans. On August 25, Taehyung returned to South Korea after finishing his work in Japan. He went to Tokyo as the global brand ambassador for CELINE and was there to attend the grand reopening event of the CELINE Store located on Omotesando Street. The Gimpo International Airport, where he arrived, was filled with fans and media personnel eagerly waiting for him. As soon as he appeared, the crowd went crazy, cheering his name and trying to capture every moment of his arrival. Taehyung responded warmly, waving and smiling at his fans. He looked charming in a plaid shirt and blue jeans, wearing a beanie and headphones. Despite wearing a mask, his striking features were still visible. The enormous CELINE luggage bag he carried with him, which was as big as his body, caught everyone’s attention, leaving fans asking, “What’s inside the bag?”

Excitement among fans was palpable as Taehyung finally arrived back in South Korea, ready to embark on his upcoming projects. Fans can hardly wait for the release of his highly-anticipated album ‘Layover’ and the title track ‘Slow Dancing’, which is set to drop on September 8th.

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