“Wembanyama’s NBA debut met with initial criticism: Dubbed ‘soft’ and likened to Bambi or a baby giraffe”

Former NBA player Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis has shared his opinion on newcomer Victor Wembanyama’s debut in the NBA Summer League with the San Antonio Spurs, becoming one of the first people to criticize the performance.

Looked Like A Little Baby Bambi Out There” | Glen “Big Baby” Davis Uses  Familiar Line In Victor Wembanyama Critique

The French basketball star had an impressive NBA debut, scoring a total of 18 points (with a 41% shooting accuracy), 10 rebounds, and 4 blocks in an average playing time of 27 minutes across two games in the NBA Summer League. Despite being hailed as an “alien” by LeBron James for his exceptional height and skills, the former player of Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and Clippers was criticized by another player for being “soft.” Glen Davis, who is known for his outspoken comments, likened the French player to a “little Bambi” or a “baby giraffe,” according to a report by Ben Golliver in the Washington Post.

“I reckon Wembanyama might struggle with the physicality of the game,” commented the ex-player who is now aged 37. It’s worth noting that Wembanyama himself mentioned that the NBA Summer League was less physically demanding than playing in France, following his debut for the Spurs. Have you ever heard of Glen Davis, also known as the ‘Big Baby’ in the NBA?

The NBA doesn't need 'another Wembanyama' - Discover Walks Blog

Davis was a highly skilled athlete during his time at LSU in the NCAA, and he made the transition to the NBA as the 35th overall pick in the 2007 Draft. Despite his talent as a power forward hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Davis struggled to maintain his weight throughout his career and played for multiple teams including the Celtics, Magic, and Clippers. While his stats averaged around 8 points and 4.4 rebounds, Davis unfortunately became notorious for his off-court antics. He was famously reduced to tears by Kevin Garnett, faced drug trafficking charges, and was even accused of beating up a man outside of an LA nightclub, which could have resulted in a seven-year prison sentence.

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