Dua Lipa left in tears after fans f๏rcibly removed from Shangai concert for ‘standing up and waving LGBT flags

Dua Lipa was reportedly left in tears after fans were forcibly removed from her concert in Shanghai.

Concert-goers voiced outrage on social media as they shared videos of security workers forcibly removing people from the gig during her first tour of China.

Some said people were ejected for standing up during the performance while others said it was because they were waving gay rights flags.

One Twitter user wrote: “I just CANT believe it. This is the show of Dua Lipa in Shanghai. All the fans are forbidden to stand out and could only sit on to see the show?!? If you don’t, the guard would use violence to kick u out. It’s unbelievable… #dualipa“.

Another added: “At @DUALIPA ‘s shanghai tour, few people been kicked out by the safeguard because they’re waving Rainbow Flag #Dualipa #LGBT

Another said security had forbidden fans from standing up or waving an LGBT flag, adding: “They brutally DRAGGED those who stood during songs!!Some were even being taken away in a more forceful manner. EVEN DUA WAS CRYING!!! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING !”

Dua Lipa, who was reportedly left visibly upset by the situation, is said to have told the crowd: “I want us all to dance. I want us all to sing, I want us all to just have a really good time. I would love in these last few songs for us to really, really, really enjoy ourselves. How about that?”

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